DateRHemma vs Borta-
05/29 23:55 4 San Lorenzo vs Obera TC View
05/30 00:30 4 San Martin vs Penarol View
05/30 23:55 1 Argentino Junin vs Comunicaciones View
05/31 00:05 4 Obras vs Platense View
06/01 00:00 4 Regatas vs Gimnasia Comodoro View
06/02 00:00 4 Obera TC vs San Lorenzo View
06/02 00:30 4 Penarol vs San Martin View
06/02 20:00 4 Obras vs Platense View
06/03 00:00 1 Comunicaciones vs Argentino Junin View
06/11 23:00 1 Gimnasia Comodoro vs Ferrocarril Oeste View
06/18 00:00 1 Union Santa Fe vs La Union Formosa View
06/18 00:30 1 San Martin vs Quimsa View


Date R Hemma vs Borta -
05/29 00:00 4 [6] Gimnasia Comodoro vs Regatas [11] 74-81
05/29 00:00 1 [19] Argentino Junin vs Comunicaciones [20] 79-74
05/28 23:30 4 [8] Platense vs Obras Sanitarias [9] 99-103
05/28 00:00 4 [5] San Martin vs Penarol [12] 87-70
05/27 23:00 4 [7] San Lorenzo vs Obera TC [10] 91-84
05/26 23:30 4 [6] Gimnasia Comodoro vs Regatas [10] 83-89
05/26 23:00 4 [6] Platense vs Obras Sanitarias [6] 78-69
05/24 01:10 1 [1] Quimsa vs Olimpico [3] 93-80
05/24 00:00 1 [20] Comunicaciones vs Boca Juniors [4] 67-83
05/23 23:00 1 [13] Ferrocarril Oeste vs San Lorenzo [9] 80-81
05/23 23:00 1 Obras vs Platense PPT.
05/22 01:00 1 [3] Olimpico vs Gimnasia Comodoro [6] 94-88

The Liga Nacional de Básquetbol (abbreviated LNB, and literally in English, "National Basketball League"), also commonly referred to as "La Liga de Básquet" ("The Basketball League"), is the top-tier level of the Argentine basketball league system. The league is under the auspices of the Basketball Clubs' Association (in Spanish: Asociación de Clubes de Básquetbol). The LNB's predecessor league is the now defunct Campeonato Argentino de Clubes, which was organized by the Argentine Basketball Confederation.

The league was created through the efforts of basketball coach León Najnudel, and sports journalist Osvaldo Orcasitas, in the 1980s, to make Argentine men's club basketball more competitive, through the merging of the many existing local leagues. It is designed like the NBA, with a regular season, all-star game, and playoffs. However, unlike the NBA, the LNB has a promotion and relegation system, with the La Liga Argentina (LLA), the league level that is immediately below the LNB.

A tribute to Najnudel's vision, is the string of successes of the senior men's Argentine national basketball team, culminating with the team's Summer Olympic Games gold medal won at the 2004 Summer Olympics, and the international careers of many players who started in the league.



León Najnudel with the ball in the first LNB game ever: Argentino de Firmat v. San Lorenzo (in red uniform), 26 April 1985

Before the league was established, the regular tournament was Campeonato Argentino de Clubes where teams from all the provinces took part. The league had a regional format and playoffs.

For the 1984 edition there was 64 teams. The association decided to retire 10 teams, moving them to "Primera Nacional A". Of those teams, 4 were from city of Buenos Aires, and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe were represented by 2 teams each.

As a result, a number of 54 teams played the Argentino de clubes. At the end of the tournament, the six best placed team would promote to Primera A, and the rest of the clubs would be relegated to Primera B (second division).

First seasons

Ferro Carril Oeste, the first champion of the LNB

The first edition of Liga Nacional was played within 1985, with 16 teams participating although Independiente de Tucumán abandoned the championship for economic reasons. The first game was played on April 26, 1985, when San Lorenzo de Almagro faced Argentino de Firmat at Estadio Obras Sanitarias.

Ferro Carril Oeste was the first LNB champion after defeating Atenas de Córdoba in 3 games. The next season (1986), Ferro Carril Oeste won its second consecutive title, beating Olimpo de Bahía Blanca in 5 games (3-1 on aggregate). The Verdolaga played its third consecutive final series in 1987, but was finally defeated by Atenas, that won the first of 9 titles, being the most winning LNB team to date.

In 1988 Atenas won a second championship beating River Plate and the next year Ferro won another title, being the only title won by León Najnudel as coach.

Argentina - Liga Nacional är det högsta pågående basketligasystemet i Argentina. Ligan startade 1985 och består för närvarande av 20 lag. Den ordinarie säsongen spelas från oktober till juni, följt av slutspel i juli. Boca Juniors är det mest framgångsrika laget i ligahistorien, med 16 titlar.